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  • mindy (Thursday, February 20 14 07:15 pm EST)

    I have a DPMS AR-15 Sportical and if I wanted to add on the forward assist, charging handle and dust cover would I just "install" these parts or would I have to purchase a new upper receiver? Thanks

  • Shaun (Sunday, February 09 14 02:38 pm EST)

    Is there a "good" 22 cal. semi pistol?
    I heard a lot of them do nothing but jam, I am interested in buying one but I don't want a jam master.

  • angelo serra (Thursday, January 16 14 03:17 pm EST)

    What paperwork is needed for a full auto pistol or rifle

  • Ryan Wurmack (Thursday, March 08 12 11:09 pm EST)

    I noticed in almost every forum the .45 round is referred to as a .45 ACP. My question is what does the ACP stand for?

Answers Section.

Ryan's Question:ACP stands for Automatic Colt Pistol. Colt was one of the very first guns to use an auto .45 catridge and don't forget, COLT made there name in the automatic category with the 1911 .45 ACP.


Angelo's Question: The paperwork for a Full Auto Rifle/Pistol is the same paperwork that is needed for all Class III items, Example: Full Auto, 3 Round Burst firearms, Short Barreled rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns, and ALL Suppressors. There are several different ways that one can do Class III paperwork. The easiest and most common way is to file the paperwork yourself hopefully with the assistance of the FFL you are makign your purchase from. With that said, NOT any FFL/GunShop can sell Class III items. The FFL/GunShop must be a licensed Class III Dealer (which we are). The paperwork needed  that cant bedone at the shop is a finger print card is needed. The finger print card can be brought to your local police agency to be completed. You will then need the signature of your Chief Law Enforement Officer in your county. You will also need a passport size photo of yourself and a $200 check written out to the ATF. We reccommend that you bring all of this paperwork back to your FFL/Gunshop for final Inspection. There are others ways to file your Class III paperwork that dont require the Finger Print Card, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer Signature, or the Passport photo. This can be achieved by setting up a TRUST. This can be costly as it involes a lawyer writting up your trust agreement and needing to be notorized along witht the signatures of who ever else you name in that trust. We won't go into full detail on this process for space purposes.


Shaun's Question: One of the most common problems shooters have with .22LR semi-auto pistols is that they use standard .22 ammunition. With using a semi-auto pistol or rifle you want to check if the manufactuer reccomends High Velocity .22LR ammo or standard velocity ammo. The manufactuers design the firearm with a certain type of ammunition. In our experience most .22 semi-autos will shoot with standard velocity, but one of the things to remeber is. Is that not every ammo manufactuer has the same recipe. Some use faster burning powders and some use slower burning powders. You will have to do a little experimenting with what manufacuter of ammo your firearm likes. You could try calling the manufactuer of your firearm and see what brand they reccomned using. In our experience CCI has some of the best "Commerically" designed ammunition for .22LR.


Mindy's Question: With any AR-15 Variant that doesnt already have the Forward Assist in the upper reciever there is not a way to install one into the existing reciever. The Forward Assist is a part that is milled/cut out of the upper reciever and then installed. It is by far a lot more economical to replace your existing upper with one that already has a Forward Assist installed. We sell brand new Upper Receivers that have a Forward Assist and a Flat Top Rail for $100.

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