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Here at the Armory Gunshop we offer full customization services. We have already had a dozen successfully customized firearms with very happy customers. We are expanding our custom Saiga section along with our AR-15 models. We work with many distributors so we can get you the best competitive prices on the highest quality items.


Custom builds will vary in price dependent on what actual accessories you would like to have put onto your fire arm. Your can either email us with what your idea for your weapon is and we will reply with a general price list, or you can call the shop and one of our sales representatives can discuss your build ideas with you.


We will post the pics of some of our newer custom jobs here and on Facebook.

The custom work on this piece is pretty much straight forward. Its a S&W .22 AR-15 that we Duracoated pink for a customer. This rifle is one of two that was ordered. A similar S&W .22 will be Duracoated OD Green. We are rather happy with how this came out and look forward to doing the OD Green version of this rifle for the customer.

This is a Saiga .308 rifle. It comes stock like the 12 Gauge version with a regular hunting stock. We put in the trigger pack which slid the trigger forward and allows us to insert a pistol grip into the original hole. We added a heavy duty Aircraft Aluminum six position stock with an adjustable cheek rest, the machine gun fore grip, and the side mount rail with a Sight Mark holographic sight.

This is a Saiga 12 Gauge with just the trigger pack conversion and the pistol grip upgrade done to it. The rest is all stock furniture on the weapon.

This is a Saiga 12 Gauge with the trigger conversion, pistol grip upgrade, six position mold injected Magpul Locking butt stock, 10 round magazine, Galil style fore end, enlarged charging handle, and a heavy duty trigger well guard.

This is a Saiga 12 Gauge with the trigger conversion and pistol grip upgrade. It has a SAW style pistol grip, H&K sights welded on, a H&K style charging handle, six position butt stock, Galil style fore end, 25 round drum, with a Tromix muzzle break on it.

This is a Saiga 12 Gauge with the trigger conversion and pistol grip upgrade. Skeleton side folding stock, Halo quad rail system with fixed peep sights, an aggressive muzzle break, 25 round drum, a vertical pistol grip with a built in slot for a flashlight. 

We Buy,Sell,Trade, Layaway and offer Consignment.


We charge a nominal fee of $25 for firearm transfers. Transfers from online sources that are sent to the shop via and internet broker or through the mail from a private sale are $45. Class III transfers are $100 per item.


Where to Find Us:

818 Interchange Road

Kresgeville, PA 18333


Phone: 610-681-GUNS (4867)


Business Hours:

Tuesday thru Saturday: 1000AM-500PM

Sundays: 1000AM-400PM

Closed: Mondays



What's New?

We are now manufactoring our own line of AR-15 'Armory' guns. You tell us what you want and we will build it!!


Class 3 dealer


New Magpul, SightMark, FireField Accesories and many more brand names.

Check out our stock of tactical accesories to help fulfill your customization needs. We can do anything from a simple Butt Stock modification all the way to a Free Float Quad Rail system and a Full Tactical Optic setup.

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