Slide Fire Stocks

The Slide Fire's are on back order right now but we can definately add your name the list.  We are selling them for $371 including tax at a 0.06% tax rate. We will even install the Slide Fire stock onto your weapon for free.

Crimson Trace lasers

We work with our top distributos to make sure that we have every available model that Crimson Trace has available at our distributors wharehouse. This a a product that we have used personally and liked and we have sold Crimsons Trace Lasers to our customers with no complaints coming back. While there isn't a laser for every gun, Crimson Trace is constantly making new models to help fit the vast array of firearms that are out there in the world. The prices of these lasers vary from as low as $200 up to $400. The prices will depend on exactly what model you need, you can check out their online catalog at

Zombie Targets

We have several different variations of Zombie targets in stock. We have the High-Vis zombie paper targets and the Life size torso Bleeding Zombie targets as seen in the video below. The targets are filled with hundreds of paint balls to give that bleeding effect demonstrated below.

Barret .50 BMG

You read right, we have a wholesale account with Barret. Of course they are most well known for the Barret M107 Semi-auto .50 cal BMG sniper Rifle, but they also have a line of bolt action rifles and gas piston AR-15 platforms known as the REC-7. Barret is definitely a more expensive gun to purchase but we believe that you get what you pay for in the end. The Barret .50 BMG is an issued weapon by the military branches for their trained snipers. With one of the world record kill shot being 1.4 miles this is definitely a weapon not to be messed with. This is a battle proven weapon and engaging targets a mile away can be done very consistently. Below is a Clip from TV about a sniper in combat who uses this weapon to save soldiers lives.

Shockwave Exploding Targets

We carry Shockwave exploding targets in either 1/2 pound or one pound targets. The one pound targets are $15 a piece and they are very easy to use. Like other exploding targets on the market, you simply add the two seperate reactants together , mix them up until you have a whole container of gray powder. From there all you have to do it shoot it with a any rifle round over .22 LR and the target goes boom. Below is a video demonstrating the target.

We Buy,Sell,Trade, Layaway and offer Consignment.


We charge a nominal fee of $25 for firearm transfers. Transfers from online sources that are sent to the shop via and internet broker or through the mail from a private sale are $45. Class III transfers are $100 per item.


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What's New?

We are now manufactoring our own line of AR-15 'Armory' guns. You tell us what you want and we will build it!!


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New Magpul, SightMark, FireField Accesories and many more brand names.

Check out our stock of tactical accesories to help fulfill your customization needs. We can do anything from a simple Butt Stock modification all the way to a Free Float Quad Rail system and a Full Tactical Optic setup.

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